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Self Perform Trades

CCC delivers value in large part due to our ability to complete work with our own construction trades. Self-performing on your project allows us to control costs – from pre-construction to the finished project. Our team’s experience gives CCC the ability to customize your construction project schedule while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety standards. Providing comprehensive construction management, equipment installation, concrete, steel and interiors, services, CCC’s skilled self-perform workforce excels at handling logistical challenges faced on the job-site. Commercial Contracting Corporation owns much of our own equipment so we have greater control over the building process and our personnel are assured of having the right tools for the job.

Down and Dirty

General Contracting

It’s the oldest delivery method there is, but it doesn’t stop us from finding new ways to exceed your expectations. We hire and supervise sub-contractors based on low bid, schedules and understanding of the issued working drawings; we also self-perform facets of the work which helps ensure better quality at lower cost to our customers. Those same high quality practices are a given for the entire construction team at CCC.

CCC is experienced and built to lead. Our safety program focuses on demanding safe work in all facets of business. There’s a constant understanding of what our customer is looking for and a desire to exceed expectations. From massive automotive and industrial projects, to big and beautiful university projects, or landscape-changing buildings, Commercial Contracting Corporation’s commitment to excellence goes above and beyond.

Getting It Done!

Construction Management

Construction management is just that; managing all aspects of the planning and construction for a given project. Utilizing this delivery method, we act as an agent to the owner for a fee, as opposed to a markup on each subcontractor trade item. We work with the owner, architects and engineers, and subcontractors throughout the process. Together, as a team we ensure the best possible choices are made for every phase of the project.

CCC is experienced and built to lead. Our safety program focuses on demanding safe work in all facets of business. From massive automotive and industrial projects, to big and beautiful university projects, or landscape-changing buildings, Commercial Contracting Corporation’s commitment to excellence goes above and beyond.

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Equipment Installation

CCC has performed numerous complex and highly technical industrial rigging, dismantling, equipment removal, and relocation projects throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Most of these specialized rigging projects have been performed on active facilities and plants where safety and attention to nearby operations is paramount. We have in-house master riggers, professional engineers, skilled rigging tradesmen and state of the art equipment to handle the most challenging rigging and machinery moving projects. All rigging projects are conducted with the highest regard to precision, schedule, cost effectiveness and strict safety standards.

The following rigging & equipment moving services are provided:

  • Industrial and Commercial Rigging
  • Heavy Rigging of Equipment and Machinery
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Machinery Installation
  • Rigging of Delicate and Sensitive Measuring and Manufacturing Equipment

  • Selective Demolition
  • Rigging and Dismantling of Equipment and Entire Process Lines
  • Salvage and Removal of Equipment and Machinery
  • Mechanical Conveyance Systems
  • Match Marking, Re-Installation and Millwright

Sterling h
Foundations / Flatwork / Walls


CCC’s concrete specialists have been recognized locally and nationally for their quality and innovative work.  Early in the pre-construction stage of a project we provide a concrete baseline schedule, manpower assignments, and form-work requirements–all crucial ingredients in driving the critical path of commercial, industrial and institutional concrete projects.

Through our concrete experience, we have developed a proven program to exceed our client’s expectations. We understand that concrete durability and longevity are fundamental to project success.

CCC is the most professional and safe concrete contractor available today.

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Fabrication & Erection

Steel Services

Even with the best-planned projects, things change and needs are modified. Our customers value versatility and appreciate that, in addition to our construction services, we’re able to offer steel fabrication and erection services. By combining the two, we offer unmatched flexibility and responsiveness for our clients project needs. Plus, the time and money we save them because of it, usually gets them pretty excited too.

Drywall, Ceilings, Carpentry, Finishes

Interior Trades

CCC has an exceptionally skilled interior trades group that specializes in general carpentry and interior finishes.  We self-perform interior projects using the most skilled labor available.  Some of the services the interior services group offers include: Light gauge and cold-formed metal framing, gypsum drywall systems, firestopping, acoustical treatments, custom millwork and cabinetry, selective demolition and specialty finishes.  Self-performing a wide variety of carpentry and interiors work allows us to control the quality, schedule, and safety on every job.  This increased efficiency allows us to offer significant cost and time savings to our customers.


  • Light gauge metal framing
  • Cold-formed metal framing
  • Conventional wood framing
  • Gypsum drywall systems
  • Flooring systems
  • Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GRFG)
  • Custom millwork and cabinetry
  • Specialty wood trim
  • Demountable partitions and wall systems

  • Selective demolition
  • Specialty finishes
  • Acoustical ceilings
  • Acoustical wall panels
  • Specialty ceiling systems
  • Firestopping
  • Division 10 install (toilet accessories, toilet partitions, visual display surfaces, wall protection, etc.)
  • Doors, frames, hardware install

DTE Energy Warren Service Lab


  • Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor (HAFSC)
  • Rectorseal firestop certified installer
  • STI Firestop certified installer
  • Infectious Control Risk Assessment certification (ICRA)
Turn-Key Solutions

Facilities Management

Today, companies can no longer afford to staff their facilities year-round to address the “what-ifs”, seasonal events and scheduled plant shutdowns. Combining our internal resources and deep network of subs, engineers and consultants, we provide complete turn-key solutions for the augmentation of your core team.

facilities management