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Responding to a Crisis:

Ventilator Manufacturing Plant Repurposing

Responding to a crisis. This is woven into the fabric of Commercial Contracting Corporation. Born out of the effort to convert automobile plants to war machine plants before America entered World War II, CCC is now helping America fight a new enemy: COVID-19.

One of the most critical needs in our country right now is the need for ventilators. One such ventilator, the Ventec Life VOCSN, integrates five separate medical devices; ventilator, oxygen, cough, suction and nebulizer, into one ventilator. Ventec Life Systems and General Motors recently partnered to mass produce this critical care multi-function ventilator. As stated in Ventec’s website, this 18-pound unit replaces 55 pounds of equipment. Making something only slightly larger than a toaster oven was ill suited to a traditional GM assembly plant. Enter CCC and our dedicated union trade partners. Since March 24, Commercial Contracting Corporation and our trade partners have been demolishing, renovating and retooling a Kokomo, Indiana General Motors facility that will be used to manufacturer Ventec’s VOCSN. Once complete, the plant will operate as a 100,000 square foot clean room with two assembly lines. “We are very proud being on the team for GM’s Kokomo, IN ventilator project and thankful GM called CCC for help! It is truly a privilege and honor to contribute assistance in the fight against this pandemic by helping GM get set up to manufacture ventilators that will not only assist COVID-19 infected people with their breathing issues, but may potentially save their lives as well,” said Joel Lewandowski, CCC Executive Vice President. CCC and GM have a rich history together of helping our great nation in times of crisis. We are proud to continue this tradition and partnership in 2020.

American companies, working in cooperation with our dedicated building trade unions, and our collective spirit of overcoming great challenges will allow GM and Ventec to begin manufacturing ventilators in early April. When operating at full capacity, GM could help Ventec go from building a maximum of 250 ventilators a month to 10,000 with an annual production volume of 200,000.