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Site Safety Orientation

Please complete all sections listed below before you arrive on site. At the end of each Video/PowerPoint there will be a hyperlink that will take you to the form to document that you have completed the training.

Job No. 8569 Project Contacts:

Project Manager: Mike Bacon

Superintendent: Bob Ish

Step 1.

CCC General Safety Orientation

The Corporate Video is approximately thirty-six (36) minutes. You are required to watch this video once every six months. If you are new to CCC, then begin here. If you are transferring from another project site or frequently work with CCC, welcome back. If you have viewed this video AND filled out our record form in the past 6 months, please proceed to the job site specific orientation below.

Step 2.

Job Site Specific Orientation

The job site specific orientation consists of ONE CCC Site Specific Safety video and ONE GM Safety video. Every person entering this job site is required to watch both videos and documenting completion of their online training prior to showing up to the job site.

Step 3.

Other Documentation Requirements

Subcontractor Paperwork Packet