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Safety - A Core Value

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At CCC, safety is our top priority. Our employees are our most valuable resource, and their well-being matters both on and off the job. We believe that no project can truly succeed unless it’s built with safety in mind.

Our goal is to foster a Total Safety Culture, where all CCC and subcontracted employees actively eliminate and prevent at-risk behaviors and conditions. We know that by prioritizing safety, we also enhance quality, profitability, and overall satisfaction.

CCC Strategic Safety, Health and Environmental Plan

Putting Words into Action


Our strategic plan ensures that safety remains at the forefront. It guides us in implementing advanced safety techniques and equipment. We want our employees to know that their interests are always considered, making CCC an employer of choice.

Our leadership team is committed to People-Based Safety (PBS) concepts that exceed industry standards. We actively engage in safety practices:

  1. Weekly Safety Teleconference: Our President and CEO, Stephen Fragnoli, and Corporate Safety Director, Steven Wall, lead discussions with field leaders to address successes and challenges.
  2. Safety Observation System (SOS): We encourage positive safety actions and identify leading indicators to prevent injuries.
  3. Safety Committees: Larger sites establish committees to promote safety awareness and participation.

Industry Leaders in Safety

On the jobsite -- and at home.

At CCC, we prioritize safety both at work and at home. Our commitment to encouraging positive activities for a safer environment extends to all employees and their families. Our low Experience Modification Rates (EMR) validates our commitment.

Safety 2024 2023 2022
EMR 0.82 0.61 0.54

2023 Man Hours Worked: 2,086,935

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