Press Pit Foundations

  • Client: United States Army Corps of Engineer
  • Location: Rock Island, IL
  • Project Duration: 16 months
  • Project Contract Value: Project Value: $8.2 million (USD)
  • Size: 168,000 sq. ft
  • Scope: 5,500 cubic yards of concrete

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Breathing new life into an aging facility.

The Rock Island Arsenal is the largest government-owned weapons manufacturing arsenal in the United States. Always looking to expand capacity, the US Army Corps of Engineers made the decision in late 2009 to convert an old military warehouse into a manufacturing facility for large ammunition shell production. As a General Contractor on the job, CCC was chosen to construct the hydraulic press pit foundations for this project.

Stepping up to the challenge(s).

Every project has its challenges, but several contributing factors made it an extremely difficult press pit construction. The most significant challenge: the Arsenal is located on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River, with a high water table and poor soil conditions.

Also complicating the project was the fact that the warehouse’s very low ceilings and narrow column spacing weren’t designed with modern manufacturing processes in mind.

Building a safer bomb factory.

CCC was responsible for installing heavy foundations for the press pits as well the installation of two pre-engineered buildings. Ensuring the proper amount of heavy epoxy was applied (due to the high amount of sulfuric acid used during the manufacturing of the ammunition shells) was critical.

The project ended with over 5,500 cubic yards and 275 tons of concrete being laid, and over 30,000 man-hours worked without a single lost-time injury.