Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project (DHOUP)

  • Client: Marathon Petroleum Company, LP
  • Project Contract Value: $28 million (USD) to date
  • Size: Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project (DHOUP) is to be the largest construction project in Michigan’s history.
  • Facility Capacity: 106,000 Bbl/day Oil Refinery
  • Project Man Hours: 250,000+
  • Services Performed:

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Laying the groundwork for a major upgrade.

For more than 40 years, CCC has been working hand-in-hand with Marathon Petroleum Company LP (MPC) on the maintenance, renovation and expansion of its Detroit, MI refinery. CCC’s work with MPC has solidified our reputation as one of the best contractors when it comes to jobs that fall under “the 3 D’s”: Difficult, Dirty and Dangerous.

In June of 2008, Marathon began what became the largest construction project in Michigan’s history: the Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project (DHOUP). CCC has been there since the beginning of DHOUP, performing mainly earthwork, concrete and steel work.

Some of the jobs we have performed in support of DHOUP include:

  • A mass excavation for a green field DHOUP site which regularly required 100+ gravel trains per day for material movement
  • DHOUP site preparation including debris removal, foundation demolition, stone crushing and primary sewer upgrades
  • Pouring concrete foundations and underground utilities for a diesel hydrotreater
  • Excavation, paving and underground piping to upgrade the East Plant’s fire water infrastructure

When completed in late 2012, Marathon expected to have invested $2.2 Billion USD in the refinery. This investment was expected to increase capacity from 106,000 barrels per day to 115,000 barrels a day and add 135 permanent jobs, bringing the site total to 615 employees.