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Preconstruction Services, as the name implies, is a group of activities that occur before actual in-place construction begins. These services are part of the planning stages of a construction project and are very important to make sure any job goes smoothly.

Pre-construction is the first phase of any project and includes the overall planning, coordination, and pricing of a construction project. The purpose of Pre-construction phase is to define the overall parameters of a specific project and give the client a clear picture for what their job is going to look like, how it is going to get done, and often most importantly how long is the process going to take and how much it is going to cost!

This all happens before any physical construction is takes place. So what exactly are these pre construction services that help make a project run smoothly?

  • Planning/Programming is conducted to define the needs and wants of the client.
  • Site Selection if not already done, will be evaluated
  • Documents are created (drawings, specifications, details, etc.) to define the parameters of the project and are then used for permitting, pricing, and construction
  • Materials & Equipment are selected that will be used in the job, taking into account if there are any LEED or sustainable design and construction options.
  • Permits & Approvals are obtained, this includes getting the proper building permits and site plan approvals
  • Cost Estimates are created to help with the client’s decision making
  • Value Engineering is evaluated to determine if there are better, faster, or more economical ways to complete the project
  • Schedules are drafted to allow owners to plan expectations
  • Evaluations are made to determine if/when/how the project should proceed
  • Procurement, the selection of subcontractors and ordering of materials, is initiated to ensure the project schedule and budget are met

In summary, Pre-construction Services give the stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate the entire project and produce a plan that will take it through the entire construction process.  This is a critical cost-savings/evaluation opportunity that will allow a construction project to flow more seamlessly. Many projects overwhelmingly rely on the decisions made during this initial stage.