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US Steel

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US Steel

CCC worked for several years as maintenance contractor at what was known as Double Eagle Steel Company (acquired by U.S. Steel in 2016). CCC acted as an extension of the plants maintenance trade staff and provided project management, supervision, budgeting and creation of work plans for repair outages and new installations.

CCCs specialized work force, experts in working on steel mills and on galvanizing lines, was available within 1 to 2 hours for on call repairs during line stops. Our teams managed multiple subcontractors for installations and repairs, including but not limited to, electrical, piping and concrete trades. CCC also provided specialized subcontractors for fabrication and emergency rework of line components.

Our maintenance and installation work consisted of:

  • Installation and repair of plating cells and components.
  • Installation and repair of pickle tanks, rinse tanks and components.
  • Replacement of rubber, chrome, ceramic and conductor rolls.
  • Roll build of couplings, bearings and keystones.
  • Fabrication, installation and repairs of acid, clarifier and various other holding tanks.
  • Installation and repairs of cooling towers and components.
  • Maintaining and repairs of looping towers and carriages.
  • Replacement of looping tower drive cables, counterbalance cables and leveling of tower carriages.
  • Crane rail replacement, repairs and crane maintenance.
  • Structural installation and repairs.
  • Demolition of concrete and structural items.
  • Critical rigging and lifts of equipment.
  • Laser alignment of motor, gearbox and roll couplings and shafts.
  • SMX laser alignment of machinery and tables.
ClientUS Steel
LocationDearborn, MI

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