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Wastewater Detention Basin

City of Warren - Stephens Road
Self-Perform Concrete

City of Warren - Stephens Rd. Detention Basin

Commercial Contracting Corporation was hired as the general contractor to complete the second phase of the Sanitary Sewer Elimination Overflow Program for Warren, Michigan. This phase of the program involved the construction of a 22-million-gallon detention basin, a storm water detention pond, and associated outbuildings. When completed, the detention basin will be used to temporarily store combined sanitary and storm water during rain events to eliminate flooding and backups within the system.

The detention basin has a cast-in-place concrete roof, a footprint of 4.5 acres, a height of 25 feet, and will be constructed of 40,000 cubic yards of structural reinforced concrete. The basin will be filled during heavy rain events from a pump station located 1 mile away on Nine Mile Road through a 42” ductile iron force main. The combined sanitary/storm water will be stored for a brief period until the overall system is operating at average levels.

The CSO contents will then be slowly released into the sewer system to be treated at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The basin will be self-cleaning using a sediment flushing system. The system retains water in flushing reservoirs during the filling process which is released once the basin has drained completely. The sudden release of water scrubs the floor and allows for maintenance free operation for years to come.

CCC self-performed concrete, general trades, and structural steel on the project which is over 75% of the total contract value. Through innovation and creative solutions, CCC has overcome many challenges on this project while balancing safety, quality, and schedule.

ClientCity of Warren
Construction 2021-2023
CCC RoleSelf-Perform Concrete, Excavation
LocationWarren, MI

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The entire project required 37,000 cubic yards of concrete and 200,000 cubic yards of excavation.