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Orlando Airport

Vanderlande Baggage Handling Conveyance Systems
Orlando, FL

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airport hubs in the United States. To meet projected increases in passenger and airline demand, the airport is adding a South Terminal C. Phase 1 includes 19 of the projected 60 new gates on 282 acres south of the existing airport.

Commercial Contracting Corporation (CCC) has been awarded the mechanical installation for this first phase. The work includes approximately 8 miles of Vanderlande’s TUBTRAX high-speed individual carrier system (ICS). TUBTRAX allows for fast and high-volume transport of baggage seamlessly working with in tub screening, storage of baggage and final sortation. The ICS is a series of connecting motorized modules, which makes for easier maintenance and less downtime. Over 5,000 carriers transport bags from inbound arrivals and from departures to outbound. The system features an early bag storage room that can hold up to 2,000 bags, including checked baggage from a delayed flight and stacks of unused carriers. This gives the airport greater flexibility and efficiency during peak load times.

LocationOrlando, FL

CCC Quick Bite

TUBTRAX was the first ICS solution in the world and Orlando International Airport and this contract are the first location in the United States to use this high-speed individual carrier system.

At peak, CCC will have 80 tradesmen onsite and project to date has had zero recordable injuries.