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Michigan Sugar

Lime Kiln Structural Repairs
Bay City, Michigan

Michigan Sugar

CCC is the General Contractor providing construction and safety services to Michigan Sugar at their Bay City, Michigan facility. The Lime Kiln Repair project involves extensive structural steel repairs that CCC will self-perform, which will upgrade and strengthen the Lime Kilns access platforms and stairways.

In addition to the steel work, CCC has Demolition, Blasting / Painting and Scaffolding subcontractors engaged on the project. The whole kiln structure will be completely blasted and painted once the structural repairs are completed and brand new heavy duty galvanized grating has been installed, replacing the current aged checker plate platforms.

CCC and their subcontractors have carefully planned and integrated the highest degree of safety and care for their personnel into the work sequences during the construct-ability phase as to optimize the shortest time allowable with the facilities shutdown schedule. Thus minimizing risk between the skilled trades and the different elevations of the scope of work which in some cases require parallel activities to be ongoing at the same time.

CCC will self-perform the structural steel engineering and fabrication in their state of the art fabrication facility in Orion Township, MI. Another key aspect of the project which CCC is self-performing, is the crucial outer shell wall repair which requires cutting out old sections of the outer shell wall and fabricating rolled plate wall sections which are then rigged into position and fully welded to AWS standards with CCC’s highly experienced qualified welders and weld procedures to maintain the integrity of the kiln structure.

ClientMichigan Sugar
Est. Completion Date September 2020
CCC RoleStructural Steel Repairs
LocationBay City, MI

CCC Quick Bits

Michigan Sugar Company is the third largest of nine sugar beet processing companies in the United States and Michigan is one of 10 states where sugar beets are grown in the country. The Facility was built originally in 1906, and has undergone many expansions and upgrades over its history. The current Lime Kiln used in the Sugar Beet processing system was built in 1987 and is 178 ft tall to the top of the 13th platform.

Michigan Sugar