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GM Ventilator Repurposing

Kokomo, Indiana
General Motors Kokomo

COVID-19 Ventilator Repurposing

Responding to a crisis. This is woven into the fabric of Commercial Contracting Corporation. Born out of the effort to convert automobile plants to war machine plants before America entered World War II, CCC recently helped America fight a new enemy: COVID-19.

In 2009, as a result of Delphi Corporation’s and General Motors’ bankruptcy filings and realignment, it was agreed that GM would take back some of the Delphi plants it had previously owned as they manufactured key components necessary for GM, and organized into a new subsidiary, GM Components Holdings. This included all of the former Delco Electronics’ plants in Kokomo, Indiana, where only a fraction of the previous manufacturing remain.

Fast forward to 2020, in response to a growing shortage of ventilators due to the COVID-19 pandemic, General Motors announced a partnership with Ventec Life Systems to assist in increasing production of ventilators at GM’s Components Holdings Kokomo, Indiana location.

CCC mobilized our construction team during the pandemic to renovate over 100,000 square feet of facilities spread across three floors. Construction of these clean room environments involved demolition of the existing areas flooring, walls, ceilings, HVAC and electrical systems. New construction included plank flooring, walls, new process piping, new ductwork and diffusers, new ceiling grid, new electrical infrastructure including +1,000 CAT5 poles, installation of +600 tables and steel hitching posts.

In the span of roughly 3.5 weeks, CCC and our team of trade contractors successfully renovated the facility. CCC self-performed all concrete, selective demolition, interior trades, millwright / rigging and equipment installation. CCC managed subcontractors for mechanical, electrical, fire protection, painting, signage and flooring. The work was completed with evolving safety procedures and protocols to safely work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the many safety procedures used were daily temperature checks, use of N95 masks and social distancing. The work was completed with zero recordable injuries.

ClientGeneral Motors
ScheduleApril 2020
LocationKokomo, IN


With little to no written scope, the contracting team depended on the GM / Ventec team to communicate the utility requirements for the process equipment. This demanded the entire team to remain nimble without losing focus on schedule acceleration. Leveraging our purchasing ability with strong material suppliers, we were able to deliver workable stations in a period otherwise unachievable.