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GM - Layout, Conveyor, & Tool Install

San Luis Potosi, México
GM de México

Layout, Conveyor, & Tool Install

The General Motors (GM) San Luis Potosi (SLP) Assembly Plant is located in San Luis Potosi, México. In early 2015, GM decided to expand the production capacity of the facility. After working successfully together on the first General Assembly Integrated Project Delivery project at GM DHAM in Hamtramck, Michigan, GM turned to CCC to re-tool SLP for next generation vehicles.

CCC played a strategic partner role with GM throughout the SLP program which included up-front design/build, as well as general contracting. The objective of the project was to provide new conveyor systems which would be more technologically advanced to the old systems, and also to increase production rates.

Commercial Contracting de Mexico (CCM), a sister company to CCC, self-performed conveyor and tooling installations, and four subcontractors were used, who in turn used five subcontractors. All installations included the necessary electrical, pneumatic and controls integration, and 3,000 feet of tool rail support steel was installed for various assembly line processes.

This strategic partnership led to an overall difference of less than 4% in estimated costs versus final costs. The partnership eliminated the time required for soliciting bids, evaluating bids and awarding, thus giving our customer more time engineering and finalizing product development. All costs were identified and negotiated with suppliers and customers, coordinated through CCC.

ClientGeneral Motors de México
Duration19 Months
LocationSan Luis Potosi, México
Man Hours600,000

CCC Quick Bite

The result of our hard work was that CCC designed and built systems that could effectively double the production from 30 jobs per hour to 60 jobs per hour for the SLP plant.