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Romulus Powertrain

General Motors

Romulus Powertrain

Along with the announcement of a new, fuel-efficient, American-built high feature V6 engine at the end of 2011, General Motors also announced they would invest $385 million in their Romulus Engine Plant to prepare the facility for the production of the engine.

After an exhaustive bidding process, CCC was chosen as the turnkey design/builder for both the facilities and process sides of the project, working directly with General Motors throughout the program. CCC was responsible for the facility’s design, building out the facility and installation of all process equipment.

On the facilities side, CCC was responsible for the entire building renovation which included cleaning, abating, demolition of the existing tooling, a new restroom addition that doubled as a storm shelter, a 3-bay production addition, new chip handling dock, modification of GSC space, installation of new climate controls, and new mechanical and electrical distribution systems, as well as a new coat of paint for the entire facility. CCC also self-performed the installation of a new 860,000-square-foot concrete slab floor.

CCC’s process team was responsible for the installation of all engine machining and assembly equipment. Over 1,000 machines and conveyors went into the facility, and CCC self-performed all of the millwright/rigging. Machines and tooling installed included engine assembly systems, automated guided vehicle systems, gantry systems, CNC machines, washers, PZR automation systems, filtration systems, and overhead and floor-supported bridge crane systems.

ClientGeneral Motors
Duration25 Months
LocationRomulus, MI
Size900,000 Square Feet
Man Hours50,000

CCC Quick Bite

CCC logged 50,000 man-hours on the job without incurring a single recordable incident.