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Providing Upgrades for Cleaner Water
Detroit, Michigan

Rouge River Outfall Disinfection Project

In January 2016, Great Lakes Water Authority awarded CDM Constructors, Inc. Contract number PC – 797. The project is a Progressive Design Build for the Rouge River Outfall Disinfection Project. The Rouge River Outfall Disinfection Project is required to meet MDEQ requirements for 100% disinfection of wet weather flow discharged from the Detroit WWTP. This project will implement modifications to the WWTP in order to achieve proper flow control and disinfection during dry and wet weather operating conditions. The Detroit WWTP currently serves nearly one-third of Michigan’s population and is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the United States.

Commercial Contracting Corporation is responsible for all concrete related to this project that spans over four different areas including a new chemical facility and access shafts to the existing waste water conduits. 

Great Lakes Water Authority plans to have the project completed in January 2019. At that time it is expected that the wastewater treatment plant will be able to completely disinfect and de-chlorinate all treated wastewater prior to being discharged.

Completion Date1/2019
LocationDetroit, MI

CCC Quick Bites

The concrete work includes all foundations, grade slabs, sump pits, trenches, equipment pads, pre-cast concrete structures and cross beams.