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Renovation and Lab Relocation
GLWA Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Renovation and Lab Relocation

GLWA engaged Commercial Contracting Corporation (CCC) as general contractor to renovate two floors of office space in separate buildings at the WRRF. The office space on the fourth floor of New Administration Building was built in the late 1990’s and needs renovations to accommodate the new staff in the Asset Management and Capital Improvement Program Group. On this floor CCC’s scope of work included demolition of the existing office partition and finishes, building a new kitchenette area with new plumbing, building new offices and renovation of existing offices.

The office space on the second floor of the Ragland Building occupied by the Logistics and Materials Management Group of GLWA Procurement is also under renovation through this contract. CCC’s scope of work on this floor includes demolition of existing partitions and cabinet/counter in the existing kitchenette, repairing plumbing issues in the kitchenette, constructing a new break area at location of former office and installing ceiling panels and wall finishes.

Completion Date1/2019
LocationDetroit, MI

CCC Quick Bites

CCC self-performed the carpentry and ceiling work on this contract while managing sub-contractors for the demolition, casework and millwork, doors, frames and hardware, painting, HVAC and fire protection.