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GLWA - PC-757

Clarifier Rehab
Detroit, Michigan

PC-757 Rehabilitation of Rectangular Primary Clarifiers, Electrical/Mechanical Buildings and Circular Primary Clarifiers No. 15 & 16

CCC, in partnership with local MBE Tooles Contracting, was awarded this four year project which involved three packages at the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant.

PACKAGE A SUMMARY: Demolish and install all mechanical sludge and scum collection equipment within the clarifiers including shafts, sprockets, chains, flights, rails, brackets and supports. Demolish and install the steel scum troughs, rails, beaches, the scum drives and chain guards. Modify the concrete pads as required to accommodate the new scum drives. Demolish and install all sludge main and cross collector drives, sludge collector and cross collector motors, local disconnect / control enclosures and associated above ground electrical conduit. Perform concrete repair and rehabilitation to the primary clarifiers including concrete surface repairs of spalls and de-laminations. Demolish and then install the clarifier drain valves located within the manholes adjacent to the Electrical/Mechanical Buildings.

PACKAGE B SUMMARY: Complete demolition and replacement of all existing makeup air units for Electrical/Mechanical (E/M) Buildings No. 1-6 and pipe gallery, including complete demolition and replacement of metal air ducts in the E/M buildings and the pipe gallery. Complete demolition and replacement of major equipment in the pipe gallery of the rectangular primary clarifiers, including but may not be limited to 12 sludge pumps, 5 chopper sump pumps, 112 primary clarifier influent inlet gate valves. Complete demolition and replacement of 56 clarifier inlet slide gates and operators. Complete demolition and replacement of all insulated steam and condensate piping in the pipe gallery and the six E/M buildings, including demolition of pipe insulation that contains asbestos. Select demolition and replacement of process and utility piping and valves in the pipe gallery, including piping that is coated with lead paint.

PACKAGE C SUMMARY: Demolition and replacement of the following major components of the Circular Primary Clarifiers Nos. 15 & 16: center drive cages, drive ring adapters, influent dispersion wells, influent dispersion well supports, full length rotating rake arms/spiral blades/squeegees (4 assemblies each clarifier), short rake arms clarifier No. 15 only (4 total), sludge hopper scrapers. Remove and reinstall existing Scum Deflectors, Skimmer Arms, Skimmer Arm and Scum Deflector Supports, Neoprene Hinges and C-Cups in Clarifiers Nos 15 & 16. Remove & replace perimeter handrails as well as handrails on bridges of Clarifiers Nos. 15 & 16.

Schedule11/2016 - 05/2020
LocationDetroit, MI

CCC Quick Bites

CCC self-performed the excavation, concrete and rigging work while managing sub-contractors to complete the work within the project schedule.