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Great Lakes Water Authority

Energy Management - Freeze Protection Pump Installation
Imlay City, Michigan

Booster Pump Installation - Freeze Protection

Due to Genesee County leaving GLWA’s water system, the existing pumps that served the communities west of Imlay City were larger than needed.

Our Design Build contract consisted of designing a new pumping unit capable of draining the water in the existing reservoir at the GLWA Imlay Pump Station every two days to maintain water quality and to provide demand capacity for the communities west of Imlay Pump Station. The new pump was also required to have the capabilities to drain the reservoir in the winter to prevent stagnation and poor water quality.

This Project also involves selective demolition, removal, transportation, and storage of the existing pumping unit and associated valves, electrical switchgear, and appurtenances, and disposal of the associated piping, concrete equipment bases and parts of the existing stairway and catwalk.

  • The Project consisted of removing existing 43” pipes, 26,000 lbs. Pump, 48,000 lbs. Motor, 14,000 lbs. Cone Valve, VFD, mass foundations, all associated structural elements, power distribution, low volt controls, and sensors. Install of a new cross-ventilation system for the newly installed VFD. Placement of mass foundations for the freeze protection pump, motor, and cone valve. Install of new 42” & 24” pipes, valves, and controls.
  • Main challenge was working in a facility that was completed in 1973. Many of the valves that are typically used to isolate areas where construction is planned did not work. Our operations team had to work with the client to find other ways to isolate the area we were contracted to complete our work.
  • The design-build created other challenges. Mostly with the trades. Getting the solution with the issue has become the mantra of the project.
Schedule6/2020 - 08/2023
LocationImlay City, MI
Contract TypeDesign / Build

CCC Quick Bites

General Construction includes constructing the project in its entirety. This includes but is not limited to the installation, startup, testing, and training of major pieces of equipment (e.g.: pump, motor, valves, VFD, switchgear).

Key partners were: OHM, Ferndale Electric and Progressive Mechanical.