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Great Lakes Water Authority

Baby Creek CSO Rehabilitation
Detroit, Michigan

Baby Creek CSO Rehabilitation

CCC has been contracted by GLWA for a project that involves repairing and replacing parts on the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) screen facility. The parts involved include; motors, gearboxes, main drive chain, gears, wear plates, brushes, belts, and minor metal fabrication to assure new parts fit per the contract documents.

Some of the many challenges with working on this facility will be logistics and timing. The scope of work that CCC is contracted to do is very dependent on the unpredictable weather in Southeast Michigan. If the sewer system can not handle the flow from a rainfall or thaw, the CSO facility will be activated to handle the overflow. During this time, CCC’s work at the facility would be stopped or delayed until the flow is low enough for our work to safely restart.

Pending weather, the expected project duration is approximately 18 months.

Schedule5/2023 - 01/2025
LocationDetroit, MI

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Anticipated start date: Spring 2023