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Detroit Water & Sewerage PC-774

Waste Water Treatment Plant
Detroit, Michigan

DWSD Incinerator Rehabilitation

CCC, in partnership with Tooles provided Design-Build services for the rehabilitation of the incinerators in Complex I and II at the Detroit Incinerator Complex. The work included modifications to the incinerators to reduce the yellow plume emission, rehabilitation of the incinerator refractory, replacement of the opacity meters, installation of new refractory, brickwork and internal components and miscellaneous modifications. Additional work included field investigation, professional design services, engineering, management services, permitting, coordination, procurement of materials and equipment, equipment installation, construction, quality control, startup, testing, documentation preparation and construction close-out.

Main components of the work included:

  • Yellow Plume Reduction Modifications
  • Convert the upper hearths in Complex I to allow a “zero hearth” afterburner section
  • Convert the upper hearths in Complex II to allow a “zero hearth” afterburner section
  • Provide controlled air admittance into the incinerators for C-I
  • Provide controlled air admittance into the incinerators for C-II
  • Modify Instrumentation and Controls
  • Rehabilitate the Refractory, Brickwork and Internal Components
  • Replace Opacity Monitors
  • Testing for Asbestos and Lead Containing Material

Miscellaneous improvements included replacement of all the insulation on the breech sections of the incinerators in Complex II from the incinerator to the bottom duct outlet. Moisture had damaged the existing insulation. The existing damper actuators for the ambient air inlet damper and the scrubber exhaust damper, both located on the third floor of Complex I were replaced. Re-connection of power and control wiring was also performed for proper control and operation.

ClientDetroit Water & Sewerage
Completion Date11/2014
LocationDetroit, MI

CCC Quick Bite

The new insulation was installed with a protective covering for outside moisture and impact. The existing corroded metal plate at the quench inlet water seal for eleven of the fourteen incinerator scrubber systems was replaced. The new stainless steel plate was extended down from the refractory to provide the necessary seal.
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