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Pat Sand
CCM Consultant

Pat Sand

Consultant for Mexico Operations

Pat Sand started his career in construction supervision in 1971 as a Combat Engineer/Heavy Equipment Officer in the U. S. Marine Corps, including a tour in Viet Nam. Upon leaving military service he was hired by General Motors as a construction supervisor in powertrain operations, transitioning to plant engineering project management. During this time he earned an M. S. in Construction Management. In 1979 he was assigned to the G. M. Ramos Arizpe, Mexico Engine Plant project, responsible for coordinating installation of all process equipment and support systems. Upon completion of that project, and due to market conditions, he accepted an offer from CCC be a project manager, involved in numerous and varied projects across the U. S. and Mexico.

In 2000, Pat was named as Director of Mexican Operations, overseeing all aspects of operations south of the border, including cross-border moves involving CCC and other contractors for seamless turnkey equipment installations.

Since his retirement, Pat has continued to work on an as needed basis to support CC de Mexico in sales, estimating and purchasing.