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April 2024

CCC Employee Spotlight

Andrew Zyrowski

Engineering Manager

How would you describe your job?
My job has broad aspects in all areas of preconstruction, but the core of it is coordinating the design disciplines in a design-build project delivery. It’s slightly different for every project, but each requires incremental design development to support a specific schedule and budget. We take the building design and break it into bite-sized chunks – allowing construction to begin before the overall building design is complete in a fast-paced delivery job.

What is your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part is learning about the unique program and processes specific to each project. Given the variety of projects we do, it is both challenging and fun to learn about each Customer’s process and how we can deliver value to support that process. Whether it is a paint shop, laboratory, pump building, or battery plant, there is something new to learn.

Why construction?
My background is in architecture so naturally I am interested in the built environment and how it affects our lives. The building design and engineering process is fascinating to me, and it is rewarding to see an idea grow into a fully designed facility and then walk that facility as it’s being built.

How would you describe CCC to someone outside the company?
I often describe our capabilities as a strong self-perform contractor and successful, growing company. I touch on our high-caliber people and being an employee owner. Most importantly I express how CCC has strong core values that align with my own life values. I’m proud to be a part of this team and mission.

What’s your best memory of working here?
Honestly just the comradery with some of the great people in our company. We have many hard-working people and the job can get very stressful at times, so I enjoy the moments where we can interject some comedy and lean on our senses of humor to get us through the day.

What does your typical workday look like?
A typical workday consists of design coordination meetings, open issue tracking, technical calls to resolve issues, developing budget studies, or QC proofing drawings for content and clarity. It can also be planning new design schedules, permits, or new project proposals. The focus shifts depending on the stage of each project.

What projects have you worked on that you find particularly interesting?
The Kokomo Battery Plant is the most technically complex (and unorthodox) project I’ve been involved in. We also provided preconstruction services for a large robotic friction-weld tool foundation in a NASA New Orleans facility that was meant for welding the fuel tanks for SLS. Ultimately, that project did not get built, but it was interesting. I was also able to help draft up designs for the CCC Detroit Office and CCC Joslyn Office renovations, which was fun to put back on my architect hat!

What skills are most valuable for this position?
Having a technical background is important for understanding the relationships between building systems and the flow of design progression. Problem solving and the ability to prioritize issues is important. Understanding the project process/program and aligning the design team to the Owner’s goals are a must for success. I try to be the jack of all trades when it comes to preconstruction design and estimating.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, and virtually all outdoor activities. I am an avid reader, DIYer, and hobbies include woodworking and home improvement projects.

Do you feel safe, valued, and heard in your role/with the company?