CCC’s Carpenter Union Members Volunteer for Flint’s Bottle Water Effort

In response to the local Carpenters Union, CCC’s Interiors Group union employees volunteered to distribute cases of water to Flint residents on Saturday, January 30. CCC’s team was assigned an area of distribution from the Red Cross and loaded up their trucks with cases of water from the Home Depot. The neighborhood they were assigned to had many boarded up abandoned homes; therefore, they worked as a large group to safely cover each street. The team passed out about 300 cases of water, and received many “thank you” and “God bless you” from residents.

In a single morning, thousands of bottles of clean drinking water were delivered to the residents of Flint by hundreds of union volunteers from across Michigan. CCC would like to thank our Interiors Group for getting involved and generously donating their time to help a city in need.

Flint Water Bottle Effort Lg