CCC Is Expanding

CCC recently signed a 5-year lease on a new office facility with 14,000 square feet of office space and 23,000 square feet of shop space on Brown Road in Auburn Hills, Michigan, just around the corner from our main office. This new building will serve as the headquarters for all of our Strategic Partnership general assembly operations with General Motors (GM) which currently includes San Luis Potosi Mexico, Lansing Delta Township and Silao Mexico.

This new endeavor is a direct result of CCC delivering a quality, safe and on-time project at GM DHAM where they are currently assembling seven different vehicles on a single assembly line, which is the only GM plant in the history of GM to do this. This is an incredible opportunity for CCC and holds a bright and invigorating future for not only the management team looking after this venture, but also for CCC as a company.