CCC Begins Work for the University of Michigan

As a part of our renewed and continued commitment to invest in new opportunities and markets, CCC has recently added a new client to our growing list of customers – the University of Michigan. CCC was selected as the general contractor for two projects at the University’s Ann Arbor campus that have a combined value of over $1.5 million.

This April, CCC was awarded a $324,000 contract to renovate the University’s Union Grille which is housed inside the historic Student Union, and a $1.21 million contract to renovate a portion of the College of Pharmacy.

“We are happy to begin working with the University of Michigan and create what we hope is a long, collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship,” says Stephen Fragnoli, President and CEO of CCC. “It is always exciting to start working with a new customer and particularly in the interiors renovation arena where many people are still unaware of CCC’s capabilities in this market.”

The project inside the Union Grille, its first in over 30 years, will involve structural renovations that open the space and create a court-like atmosphere with upgraded stone flooring, millwork and barrel vaulted ceilings.

The 7,000-square-foot renovation project at the University’s College of Pharmacy includes modifications to the basement and first floors of the building. Faculty and staff can expect to see updated mechanical systems, new office spaces, a renovated boardroom, feature wall millwork and an exterior update that will give a fresh look to this central campus facility.

Both the Union Grille and College of Pharmacy projects will take place during the summer break and will be completed prior to students returning for the fall semester.