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Commercial Contracting de México
Commercial Contracting de México

Sobre Nosotros

As the largest equipment installation contractor in the country, Commercial Contracting de Mexico (CCM), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commercial Contracting Corporation, offers experienced, multi-trade capabilities that range from facility construction and general contracting to mechanical, electrical and piping installations. CCM self-performs more than 90 percent of all its construction services in Mexico – working 800,000+ man-hours each year.

Working in México since 1981

CCM is fully registered with Mexico’s Federal Government and has fulfilled contracts throughout the country. CCM also boasts several million dollars (US) worth of company-owned construction equipment and maintains in-house fabrication capabilities. This enables us to better serve our clients by further reducing costs and decreasing project duration. If your company is considering locating a manufacturing facility or has an equipment installation project in Mexico, CCM has the resources, expertise and capability to meet – and exceed – your needs.

Politics of Security & Hygiene

The personnel of this Company express their commitment to the providing of electromechanical services to industry in general; in an environment of quality, efficiency and mainly of Health and Safety, that allow them to achieve a good development of their labor activities, free of accidents and protecting the environment.

Commercial Contracting de México (CCM)

CCM has had a presence in Mexico since the 1980s. We are fully managed, from estimating through project management, by Mexican Nationals who have technical and financial autonomy, we are aligned and supported technically and financially by our headquarter Commercial Contracting Group (CCG) from the United States. At CCM we take care and focus on exceeding the needs in assembly and electromechanical installations of our clients.

CCM is all about Team!

Precision. Complexity. Thousands of moving parts. The only way to make sure it all stays on track is to do the work. We check every detail and consider every angle. We put in the hours, on and off the job site – improving processes, building skill-sets and investing in relationships. Most importantly, CCC goes the extra mile needed to ensure what you’re doing gets done on schedule and on budget. Since 1946 CCC was built on the belief that making the extra effort makes every project go a little bit smoother.

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2,635,203 manhours without accidents in 2022. As a result of the policies and protocols established in the company, this was a great success taking account the kind of industry for which we work. This success allows us to maintain on 0.5 the Risk Index since 1980, the lowest in our sector and minimum established by IMSS.

General Motors of México, in theirs Sialo and Ramos Arizpe complexes, recognize us as a safe company for 1 million man-hours in each of them without accidents in 2022. CCM is a reference as an innovative, strong, dynamic and creative company in Industrial Safety.

General Motors de México was established in 1935 and CCM has been considered a reliable company since 1981 to participate in theirs major projects for theirs four manufacturing sites: Toluca (Mexico), Silao (Guanajuato), San Luis Potosí (SLP) and Ramos Arizpe (Coahuila).

Core Values:

Integrity • Dependability

Humility • Selflessness

Drive • Passion

Loyalty • Dedication

Attitude • Inspiration

Core Beliefs:

Balance • Safety • Quality • Schedule

Innovation • Creative Solutions to Challenges

Accountability • What Gets Measured Gets Improved

Family • Promoting an Enjoyable Workplace

Respect • Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated