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The water and wastewater sector has unique features that are central to the consideration of the procurement, contracting and execution of each project. The characteristics of a water and wastewater project are substantially different from other public owners. Most water and wastewater projects are implemented on the local level, either by cities, counties or quasi-governmental utilities. As a result, the procurement authority for these owners can be quite complex and affected by state statutes, local ordinances and/or procurement authority created by the utility’s board of directors. Adding to the challenge is that many water and wastewater owners have limited capital programs and rely heavily on outside advisers for project development assistance.

Wastewater collection and treatment systems are the core of municipal infrastructure and have to remain in operation 24/7. CCC understands how your operation systems work and provides specialized project oversight that is experienced with this client base. In tandem with the engineers we work to restore these aging infrastructures, integrating new technology that meets regulatory requirements.

At CCC, we are committed to maximizing the value of your infrastructure investment. Since 1946, we’ve been solving complex challenges to create stronger communities. Our project approach is customized to fit each client and each project. We use a collaborative, friendly approach combined with our excellent communication skills throughout your project delivering winning results that keeps our clients coming back.