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Water & Wastewater

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Commercial Contracting Corporation

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
PC-774 Incinerator Complex I & II Improvements

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
Replacement of Air Distribution Equipment for the Grit & Screening Facility at Pump Station No. 2 at the WWTP

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
Supply Replacement Parts and Renovation and Rehabilitation Services For The Ash Handling Equipment at Incineration Complex I and II

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
PC-799 Crowell Recreation Center and Ecological Site Restoration Phase II

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
Recovery Park Green Infrastructure Project

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
858 Wick Road Station Rehabilitation

East China Charter Township
Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – RBC Replacement Project

Great Lakes Water Authority
Miscellaneous Concrete Cracks Repairs & Restoration at Springwells WTP and Lake Huron WTP

Great Lakes Water Authority
Conner Creek CSO Control Facility Access Hatches

Great Lakes Water Authority
PC-757 Rehabilitation of Rectangular Primary Clarifiers, Electrical/Mechanical Buildings and Pipe Gallery and Replacement of Rake Arm Assembly for Circular Primary Clarifiers No 15 and 16

Great Lakes Water Authority
PC-795 Pump Station 2 Pumping Improvements

Bedford Township
Monroe Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner / Clinton River Water Resources Recovery Facility Drainage District
BioSolids Handling and Septic Receiving Facility

South Huron Valley Utility Authority
Biological Treatment Tank Improvements