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Research & Development

Laboratories and Testing Facilities
Commercial Contracting Corporation

Science and Technology

CCC has teamed with those who are curious about the world around them to create scientifically advanced research, development and lab spaces. Engineers, scientists, researchers and quality control specialists have relied on CCC’s lab construction expertise to create labs and testing facilities for various industries including automotive, chemical, higher education research, healthcare, power, space research and more. Lessons learned from one industry are applied to others to deliver a safe, more efficient project. Our experience allows us to understand the challenges and obstacles commonly faced during laboratory construction and deal with them before problems arise for our clients.

Our experience includes labs for:

  • acoustic testing
  • biopsychology
  • braking
  • clean room/dry rooms
  • cold chambers
  • destructive testing
  • dynamic skid pads
  • dynamometer chambers
  • endurance tracks
  • formability labs
  • fuels testing
  • high speed tracks
  • laser research
  • medical research labs
  • metrology labs
  • noise measurement
  • optical research
  • powertrain and propulsion system testing
  • ride handling
  • steep tracks
  • space research labs
  • vehicle testing and wet testing

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