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K-12 Education and University
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Improving Places of Learning

Attracting and retaining students is the mission for our Higher Education partners.  Partnering with construction professionals who understand your needs and your business is crucial for the safety and well being of students, staff and administration. Commercial Contracting Corporation does just that!

The outlook for college enrollment hints at further challenges.  According to demographic research, the current seven-year trend of declining enrollment is expected to accelerate with a 15% fall in enrollment after the year 2025.  All the more reason to invest in the student life experience with capital projects.  Real Estate is one of the largest items on your balance sheet, therefore Real Estate should be the first line item on your budget.

Higher Education projects require intense collaboration, planning and coordination efforts all while supporting your academic mission.

Commercial Contracting Corporation can assist you with…

  • Maximizing the functions of your existing facilities
  • Prioritizing capital improvements and allocation of capital funds toward your investment
  • Promoting a positive environment that will attract and retain students

Whether you’re building academic, athletic, residence halls or research facilities, Commercial Contracting has the experience and know how in the educational construction environment. We strive to understand our customers’ vision and aspirations. We listen intently, collaborate closely, and consistently build results that make a positive impact.

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