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Serving Auto Suppliers around the Nation

The decision on who to choose to build or renovate your automotive facility never comes lightly. There are many deciding factors including:

The amount of time the project will take, the cost of building and/or the shutdown time associated with major renovation, logistics of constructing around still-functioning facilities, best methods of constructing the most efficient and technologically superior facilities.
Automotive companies need a constructor that has considerable experience in dealing with any arising issues and the knowledge to complete a facility on-time and on-budget. The facility also has to be built to perform well into the future.

History and Knowledge
Since 1946, CCC has been ranked as one of the top automotive manufacturing contractors in the region. Work in the automotive manufacturing arena is embedded in our history with the company’s early automotive installation projects dating back to 1942 as Commercial Carrier during the World War II retooling efforts.

Our history of success in the automotive field provides many benefits to our customers, including:

  • Knowledge to identify and resolve challenges in the pre-construction process
  • Financial savings through Value Analysis/Value Engineering
  • Lean construction practices which maximize time and money savings
  • Construction methods that allows for seamless integration with equipment installation
  • A superior understanding of estimating and scheduling for any project
  • We have automotive experience in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Commercial Contracting Corporation is the leader in automotive manufacturing installation and construction services.