How to Become a Great Communicator

About the class:

A Pryor Learning class

Are your interpersonal skills a career maker or deal breaker? Experts agree that professional success depends just as much on soft skills (a.k.a people skills), as it does technical knowledge related to a specific position. In this half-day session, learn key factors that influence how you communicate with others and how they receive and perceive your communications. After this half-day session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify key techniques for electronic communication, as well as situations to avoid when using electronic communication.
  • Manage and handle difficult situations that cause frustration and conflict.
  • Master a first impression that is a positive and lasting using our four-minute strategy.
  • Adapt and speak in the communication style of others.
  • Understand how body language conveys secret communication messages.

Communication skills are crucial for career success. It’s not always technical expertise, superior knowledge, or even heightened intelligence that makes people effective in their roles. It’s often their exceptional skill in handling difficult people and charged situations. Master the communication skills necessary to propel your career, boost your productivity and ensure quality job satisfaction.


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