Methods change but the results stay the same.

Regardless of the delivery option you choose for your project, the outcome with CCC is always the same: unquestionable quality, industry-leading safety and total confidence that we’ll meet your deadlines on time, every time!

Choosing the right delivery method is critical to the success of your project. That’s why it’s good to know we work closely with you, employing our knowledge and deep experience to find the most cost-effective and efficient method to meet the specific needs of your project.

General Contracting

It’s the oldest delivery method there is, but it doesn’t stop us from finding new ways to exceed your expectations. We hire and supervise sub-contractors based on low bid, schedules and understanding of the issued working drawings; we also self-perform facets of the work which helps ensure better quality at lower cost to our customers. CCC project managers and superintendents coordinate all job site activities – including scheduling and safety – related to the construction of the project.


With CCC as your single point of contact for both design and construction, you can expect a streamlined process where the project owner is now a design/build team member and decision maker, not a negotiator. That high level of involvement with the architect and CCC allows for design and construction schedules to overlap and improve coordination – which saves time and money. Plus, it allows for a quicker utilization of the facility for a faster return on investment.

Program Management

As Program Manager, we function as an extension of the project owner’s staff, working together as a team to establish budgets, schedules, procedures and policies throughout the process. By ensuring that the best possible choices are made for every phase of the project, we can deliver greater efficiency, construction and design fee savings, and tight control of quality, scheduling and fiduciary responsibilities.

Construction Management

This fee-based approach allows us to act as an agent to the owner of the project for a fee, rather than marking up each subcontractor trade item. Our typical construction management role may include:

  • Establishing and evaluating the project budget and schedule
  • Reviewing and coordinating bid packages
  • Self-performing portions of the work
  • Writing the contracts for the owners
  • Managing procurement of materials and supplies
  • Coordinating work of all trade contractors
  • Assuring conformance to design requirements
  • Providing ongoing project costs and progress information

Working together with the owner as a team throughout the process, we can ensure the best possible choices are made for every phase of the project.