Know more. Do more. Find better ways to deliver on our promises.

Our true strength at CCC, lies in our curiosity, ambition and ongoing willingness to implement innovative new processes and operations that increase safety and sustainability, and ensure that we get the job done right the first time, every time.

More than just a set of systems, procedures and routines, our core processes are an attitude and way of thinking that serves to clarify our clients’ overall goals, access and enhance project outcomes, and ultimately, further earn and maintain the trust that allows us to deliver exceptional results and relationships.

Safety – Our commitment to it is paramount. Through proper planning, communication, employee engagement and empowerment, we ensure our most valuable assets – our people – leave the job site in the same condition they arrived.

Quality – We take great pride in the quality of our people and our work; always going above and beyond to ensure our clients expectations are far exceeded.

On-time – Every time. No exceptions. Our clients place tremendous trust in us to deliver; for over 70 years, we haven’t let them down – and we don’t intend to either!