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CCC Study Camp

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CCC recently launched an innovative program called “Study Camp.” This subsidized program provides a safe and structured learning environment for children in grades 1st through 8th. The camp supports CCC employees that are dual-income or single-parent families. CCC has transformed its lobby into a functional classroom!

We hired several teachers, including trained educators, to assist with the program. The program can accommodate up to twelve students and provide CCC employees with an educational resource for their family during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The program currently runs three days per week. The schedule will be evaluated periodically and adjusted as needs change.

The program is unlicensed and therefore requires the parent to be working on-site and readily available. Students bring their lunch and snacks daily. Recess and breaks are taken during the day allowing the children to go outside for walks, play catch, and other activities that simulate a typical school day.

The goal is to make sure each student is on-track with their respective daily school program. Students complete assignments with assistance during the day, alleviating the stress of homework in the evening.

Please contact Paulette Salkowski for more information.

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