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CCC is All About Team!

Precision. Complexity. Thousands of moving parts. The only way to make sure it all stays on track is to do the work. We check every detail and consider every angle. We put in the hours, on and off the job site – improving processes, building skill-sets and investing in relationships. Most importantly, CCC goes the extra mile needed to ensure what you’re doing gets done on schedule and on budget. Since 1946 CCC was built on the belief that making the extra effort makes every project go a little bit smoother.


11Ownership team group photo in sepia
11Fragnoli, Stephen portrait

Stephen Fragnoli

President & CEO
11Teper, Steve portrait

Steven Teper

Chief Financial Officer
11Brad Kimmel headshot in blue suit

Bradford Kimmel

Executive Vice President
Construction Services
11Joel Lewandowski headshot

Joel Lewandowski

Executive Vice President
Installation Services

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11Foucher, Kevin portrait

Kevin Foucher

Vice President
Construction Services
11Steve Wall portrait

Steve Wall

Director of Corporate Safety
11Salkowski, Paulette portrait

Paulette Salkowski

Vice President
Operations Support
11Jason Klingensmith portrait

Jason Klingensmith

Director of Estimating
Pre-Construction Services
11Stone, Matt portrait

Matt Stone

VP, Business Development
11Cesar Gonzalez

Cesar Gonzalez

Director of Concrete
Construction Services
11Anthony Fanone portrait

Anthony Fanone

Automotive Special Projects & Services
11Pat Golembiewski, Engineering Manager

Pat Golembiewski

Engineering Manager
11Justin Colburn headshot

Justin Colburn, PMP

Vice President of Operations
Installation Services
11David Schultz

David Schultz

Vice President of Operations
Installation Services
11Susan DiMario portrait

Susan DiMario

Director Business Development