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CCC is All About Team!

Precision. Complexity. Thousands of moving parts. The only way to make sure it all stays on track is to do the work. We check every detail and consider every angle. We put in the hours, on and off the job site – improving processes, building skill-sets and investing in relationships. Most importantly, CCC goes the extra mile needed to ensure what you’re doing gets done on schedule and on budget. Since 1946 CCC was built on the belief that making the extra effort makes every project go a little bit smoother.
Stephen Fragnoli
President and CEO

A Message From The CEO

While watching a recent documentary on a U.S. military operation in the Middle East, the commander in charge said, “to be part of a military operation is to be part of something bigger than you.” I have always felt the same way regarding our role in business. The truth is, no matter what role we play in our organization, all of us have a limited window to make a positive impact. Nobody achieves success on their own, without everyone working together. Our obligation is to be good stewards of this company. We wish to leave a healthier organization for future generations of employees; all while providing a safe and positive workplace for our employees, being mindful of our impact on our environment, and giving something back to those less fortunate in our community.
I cannot help but think Bill Pettibone felt the same way because after over seventy years of his family’s stewardship of CCC, he transitioned ownership to a team of executive employees. In doing so, he felt this provided the best scenario to ensure the continuity of his family owned business for future generations. It’s hard to believe that transition occurred a little over three years ago, and just like when it was family owned, we have had our share of challenges and success stories. I am proud to say, because of the fine team of employees pulling together at CCC, we achieved a new milestone in 2017 with Group sales exceeding four hundred and eighty million.
Success never comes easy. We continue to face many challenges within our industry, including an aging and shrinking workforce, tighter schedule demands from our customers and increasingly complex regulations. I’m proud to say that through the dedication of the fine team at CCC, we continue to meet those challenges and find success in spite of those difficulties. Congratulations to all of you at CCC for being part of the dedicated team to meet those challenges head on and achieve a new record sales volume. The achievement of this milestone is a great compliment to all of our employees.

Stephen Fragnoli

President & CEO


Stephen Fragnoli

President & CEO

Steven Teper

Chief Financial Officer

Bradford Kimmel

Executive Vice President
Construction Services

Joel Lewandowski

Executive Vice President
Installation Services

Senior Leadership

Kevin Foucher

Kevin Foucher

Vice President
Construction Services
steve wall

Steve Wall

Director, Corporate Safety

Paulette Salkowski

VP, Operations Support
Justin Colburn

Justin Colburn, PMP

VP Operations - Installation

Business Development

Matt Stone

VP, Business Development

Linda Rosati

Director, Business Development

Karen Kelly

Director, Business Development