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Building Legacies Since 1946

About Us

Commercial Contracting Corporation

Established in 1946, after helping General Motors convert their automobile production to aid the war effort, CCC has grown to become a full-service contractor offering a range of services that cover each step of the construction and equipment installation process. In addition to our extensive expertise with automotive projects, our commitment to safety, quality and uncompromising dependability has helped us become a trusted contractor within many other market segments.

We Handle the Projects Other Contractors Can’t

Dirty. Difficult. Dangerous. They’re the kind of jobs that some firms shy away from, but as one of Michigan’s largest and most experienced privately owned construction companies, they’re the jobs that have earned CCC a reputation as the “go-to” partner for reliable results – no matter the project or challenge. We believe those projects have allowed us to refine our skills, sharpen our focus and test our mettle over the years.

Never Losing Sight of the Big Picture

Keeping projects moving forward safely, on time and on budget is our primary focus. We believe that’s only possible when we step back to consider every angle. That means inspecting every detail, evaluating every possibility and putting in the hours, on and off the job site – improving processes, building skill-sets and working with only the most skilled and quality-minded trades who share our commitment to excellence as a signatory contractor.

Decade after Decade, CCC is the Right Choice

We’re not a company content to solely rest on our reputation. Despite our tremendous growth and change over the years, CCC stands on a solid foundation – one we believe is essential to building confidence and bringing the visions of our customers into reality.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify, hire and retain the very best people.

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    How Can We Help?

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    About CCC

    Our Core Values:

    • Keep People Safe
    • Integrity - Trustworthy
    • Humble - Selflessness
    • Driven - Passionate
    • Loyal – Dedicated
    • Attitude - Inspiring

    Our Core Beliefs:

    Being the best starts from within.
    • Balance – Safety – Quality - Schedule
    • Innovative – Creative solutions to challenges
    • Accountability – What gets measured gets improved
    • Growth – Upward mobility
    • Family – Promoting an enjoyable workplace
    • Respect – Treat others the way you want to be treated