We focus on the little things so that we can accomplish the great things.

Successful projects don’t happen by accident. With so many moving parts, our employees, clients, contractors, business partners and other professionals depend on CCC to be more than just a construction company. That’s why we’ve built an internal culture that values the experience, quality and capability of our people, and is committed to ensuring their safety. It’s a set of behaviors and a pattern of thinking modeled on the beliefs of our founders and those who came before us – to always go beyond the call for our clients. To look at every aspect and consider every possibility so that we can live up to the promises we make while never compromising on safety.

It’s not what we do; it’s how we do it.

Whether it’s in the office or on the job site, our team is instilled with a commitment to the values and relationships upon which our success is built. We’ve also created a work environment that rewards teamwork, encourages leadership and empowers individuals at every level. It’s how we’re able to react quickly, establish unquestionable confidence in our employees and clients, and ultimately deliver a superior experience for everyone involved in every CCC project.

CCC’s success is dependent upon its reputation, dating back to the 1940’s. Employees adhere to the established core values, ensuring our reputation is held in the highest regard by its customer base.

Our corporate values are:

  • People – We are one team, made up of passionate and trustworthy people.
  • Safety – We embrace safety through leadership’s guidance, continuous training and employee engagement.
  • Integrity – We deliver our promises, ethically and honestly.
  • Service – We challenge ourselves to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Ingenuity – We improvise, adapt and overcome obstacles.